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Streamline and optimize your marketing work management processes together at scale — from idea to delivery for maximum efficiency.

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Everything marketing teams
need to reach goals faster

See how your marketing strategies and goals all connect to the work being done across teams.

Streamline the entire process .
From idea to delivery and beyond.


Set goals & strategy

Work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to define high-level marketing goals and strategies.


plan project goals, tasks & resources

Plan team work, assess team capacity, and assign tasks based on defined goals.


Execute work efficiently

Turn plans into action by viewing work processes in context with Kanban, Gantt charts, timelines, and more.


Deliver on time & within budget

Stay on top of project status, timelines, bottlenecks, and budgets to make sure deliverables are on time.


Measure marketing impact

Analyze and optimize campaign performance directly within monday.com with integrations such as Supermetrics and Google Ads.

Manage your marketing work

Connect work to the
bigger picture

In one view, marketing managers and leaders can track the work being done across teams from every angle. Then, adjust and optimize processes in order to reach goals and deliver results on time.
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Tools marketers and creatives rely on are here

Make work more united and efficient with tailored marketing and creative apps and integrations.

Teams feel the impact of monday work management

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Simplify approval process

22% faster proofing and approval time with automations

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Run marketing campaigns efficiently

19% reduction in budget overspend with robust dashboards

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Manage events successfully

18% more leads generated with automated event workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

What is monday marketing work management?

monday work management for marketing can help you streamline all of your marketing work management processes at scale. In one place, marketing leaders and their stakeholders can create and manage workflows related to strategy, events and campaign management, client projects, asset management, and more, all while saving time and reaching their goals faster. Here are just a few features that support this:

  • Forms for faster and standardized requests and approvals related to content, design, and more
  • Dashboards for effective campaign tracking & budget management
  • Content calendars to sync copy and deadlines
  • Marketing automations to reduce manual work and redundant communication
  • Views like timeline, Gantt chart, Kanban, and more to map out dependencies and milestones
  • Annotations & proofing directly on assets help shorten feedback loops and keep them in context
How does a work management software help with marketing operations?

Marketing work management software brings together core marketing operations data and visualizations that make it easy for marketers to see multiple projects at a glance and assess the need for changes in resources management, deadlines, and more. It creates one unified place where marketing professionals can use automations to streamline how they manage marketing requests, track goals, and coordinate their teams.

Who is monday marketing work management software for?

monday work management for marketing is the ideal choice for marketing and creative teams and leadership — at any size company, from marketing agencies and small businesses to enterprises — who want to connect their marketing goals, strategies, and business operations with the work being done across specialties like design, content, operations, and analysis.

All aspects of marketing work in one place

monday work management makes it easy for marketing and creative teams to streamline and deliver work that drives results.
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